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Jun 4, 2017
What do you expect me to say?

Many people here didn't watch Matuidi at all these past few years, and say crap all the time about him like 12yo kids who just repeat craps posted on friends' twitter.

If Matuidi is 50, then 90% of PSG players are 90, since Matuidi outdoes them physically, and with his stamina.

At least attack him on his feet skills, not on his body.
Jun 25, 2017
He's not better than Khedira and nowhere near Pjanic.
For Khedira you are right.
He might slightly be better than Matic offensively, but the consistency, strenght and stamina Matic has is uncomparable. His conditioning is amazing and he rarely misses any games.

I dont rate Pjanic highly and i would sound biased so i wont comment about him.:lol:


Apr 12, 2009
I approve. Would be a great player to sign. I think he'd give us a lot of solidity in the middle of the park.

I think he would suit Pjanic as his partner prety well too.

If we have the money it would be foolish not to spend it on him rather than Can. This guy is proven WC and at 28 he probably has 4 good seasons left in him.


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May 29, 2005
May as well close this one up and next summer we can dust it off and reopen. It can be our new cassano thread.
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