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Jul 2, 2005
Posted this in staff before, thought I'd announce here as well:

I've moved the domain to Cloudflare because I have been working on a dual server setup with an automatic fail-over, there are also some other nice features through Cloudflare. It's a dual server setup with a main and a backup server. So if the main webserver goes down it automatically switches to the backup webserver within a minute, I've done some work on some customs scripts the past few nights and it works great now that I've tested it some more. :) What happens is that the backup server queries the main server once a minute and if it gets a timeout or a 503 error for example it switches the DNS to the backup server through a script I've made that uses the Cloudflare API, I also get an e-mail notifying me of the issue. Once the main server is healthy again it automatically switches back in the same way.

Not that we have a lot of downtime these days anyway but nice to have :) Unless the database crashes (extremely rare) it should mean practically zero downtime.

The servers are identical hardware-wise and on the same network.

Specs are for those who are interested Intel Core i7, 32 GB RAM, 2x2 TB SATA in RAID and with a 1 Gbit/s connection each.

Backups are also automatically synced between the servers of course, daily.

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