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Jun 16, 2020
I never realized that there’s a Fagioli thread. My favorite primavera player and probably the most talented. Already said it in the U23 thread; hopefully Pirlo takes him under his wing.

What they’re saying in that article is right, Pirlo has been watching the U19 on multiple occasions. Would be so nice to finally see a primavera player making his debut, already had a positive feeling for his chances with Pirlo.


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Apr 5, 2006
I remember 2 years ago when we played that international CL Cup in USA i watched this kid and was really impressed. I would really like it if he was given a chance this year to prove himself and show that he is a top player oe just another Novara future star


Jun 7, 2004
Not yet another young and Italian DM, of the ones that grow in trees, he is a CAM!!
I like those, but we tend to loan them out to death...

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