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The Jackal
Jan 14, 2005
Gianluca Pessotto opened yesterday a wine bar in Cittadella as a way to resume his life...

His bar, which serves also some Tuscany food, was opened with the help of his brother Vanni and his friend Nicola Bernardeschi...

Here are the first pictures of this bar although I didn't recognise Gianluca of them. Can you??

A question: The sites say that the bar will serve something called 'Ta' Ta''. DO you know what it is??:eyebrows:

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Jan 31, 2003
i hope the club will still offer him some type of role at the club...i think its important for the club to maintain their support for him.


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Jul 12, 2002
I feel likewise, Adrian. Pessotto should be offered a place in the club, along the lines of an honorary club member or in an advisory capacity. The rigours of being the club's general manager may be a tad too taxing for him but I do want him there nonetheless.

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