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Apr 14, 2013
No, you got it all wrong. People love to watch two poor teams battling it out! Who want to watch messi vs mbappe every week? De paul vs dybala is what people want! Real people want to watch ppl like them, and dream of one day play the best, like inter, real, city and utd! Those fans are also the most valuable to have bc they buy all the random merc, like 90minutes bonbon ass tacling video and dybala hats. Today was a good day, and cl or no cl, we got 50m new fans who will secure or finance the next few years
Wonder if FIGC is looking into expanding Serie A to 22 teams. More quality games for our new fans

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Mar 29, 2006
This rat-faced prick Gary Neville using his role on Sky Sports to rant his own personal grievances. I just can't take him seriously when he is a co-owner of Salford City.

He is still talking about those clubs "leaving their league" :sergio:

This protest isn't just about the Superleague, or even about it at all, United's local fans have long been aggrieved by the Glazers and how they run the club. Of course, they wouldn't care so much if they were winning things but they have been shit for a few years now. Liverpool fans are more calm because they have been winning things recently.

I remember when the glazers took over, a very small traditional minority of fans at the time decided the club had lost its ways and formed a new team FC United in 2005. As expected these fans received a backlash, branded as traitors. Some were affectionate towards them but the majority looked towards
what their guru and hero tomato Ferguson said. Ferguson never said anything negative to say against his bosses and praised them quite often. The fickle fans of course felt that was enough because as you said they were winning. It's funny how that's all changed but even more how superleague has 'waken' these glory glory twats. Fans boasted about the money they had, boasted the fact they are the most popular club in the world. What funny is come Post Fergie era, they cried more about the style of football they playing than winning, again who cares about the damage glazers supposedly caused.

But, what these ungrateful bellends fail to understand is that it's because of glazers that they started topping them revenue charts in the first place.

The below was taken from

"The owners are responsible for the phenomenal rise in Manchester United's commercial revenue. They were the ones who aggressively pursued the regional approach, which every other similar sized club has followed.

The Glazers introduced a commercial plan which was different to any other club. Other than the major deals with Adidas, Chevrolet and others, they sell on a regional basis across the globe, so they have telecoms partners in USA and Canada, another in Africa, another in China. They recognised United were popular and maximised the popularity.

It can be argued, with some justification, that the Glazers are responsible for a significant proportion of United's rise in income and what they take out is only a percentage of it."

FC United the supporters club had a crisis of their own few years ago and went about it the same way, protests, pitch invasions etc. Within days they dismantled the leadership. Maybe that's been influential in what the fans have been doing this past week or two.

Whatever the case, I'm loving this crisis. It comes at a great time because union are starting to actually look good and wouldn't suprise me if they start winning trophies more regularly. What I'm also loving here is how indirectly Agnelli was responsible for this, yeah let's just take credit for this. Forza Glazers :D long may their reign of debt continue.
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May 26, 2009
All I saw was a bunch of fat, bald, pathetic, unemployed, alcoholic losers causing a scene because they actually think they matter to anyone :lol:

If football is for these “people” than I hope this super league still happens at some point soon in the future. Done with this sport and the hypocritical, two-faced, charlatans fans and compliant media who are ruining it by the day.
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Jun 1, 2012
America's BLM movement in the midst of a pandemic sounds far more sane in comparison.

British people have their priorities fucked up it seems.


Oct 28, 2010


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Feb 10, 2007
What do you guys think about that Leicester City's sport director? He brought Kante and Mahrez to the Premier League and won it with LCFC, and now one of Kante and Mahrez will win the CL. Imo best players for their respective teams in the semifinals. LCFC came close CL qualification last year and will likely qualify for CL this year. That guy's is doing a good job, whoever he is.

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