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Apr 22, 2003
In my defence, I missed the first paragraph and didn't see the images in the thread until just then :S

EDIT: Wow, I know I haven't been posting enough when I think that an MSN smiley will work on the forums :embarasse


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Oct 2, 2003
So you guys actually believe two heads were put on pikes and remained at Ground Zero for a fortnight in a moment of remembrance? Do you have any idea of how horrid that image would be? Trust me, you would have heared about it. Oh and FFS, even after a plane crash heads don't fly two miles FFS.

It was a joke, so please laugh and get it over with.


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Jul 16, 2006
And so the little boy was born, and he was happy. And his mommy was happy, too. Although she told the boy, at least once every day, "Don't ever, not ever, never, never, never, open the door in the floor." But of course, he was only a little boy. If you were that little boy, wouldn't you want to open that door in the floor?

Did you also put the wrong cubes in your drink, Burke ?


Dec 16, 2003
I remmber when I went to Todd before he passed away, I remmber crying on his shoulder because I was feeling bad, and what Todd did is giving me one sexy banana slice asking me to eat and get drunk and forget about everything.

oh Todd :touched:,

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