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streak over. tuZ ''preference'', scudetto .

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Aug 26, 2009
i hope we won't be celebrating this the slightest

this league season is a fucking underachievement, it was out of our hands for weeks, and we can only thank verona to show up today
I agree. I just want to see live reactions from the players watching nipples game on the bench.


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Jun 20, 2018
What are ya'll bitching about Atalanta?

Like Juve give a fuck when we already champions/qualified.
Come on bro. It was a fight for the second place and they treated the match like a bunch of pussies.
That's why Gasp is never going to be nothing more than a decent coach and a chocker with big clubs.
You can't play like this against a weak milan side.
So fuck them for this. Bunch of chockers like Napoli.
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