Serie A 2023-24 (72 Viewers)


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Mar 23, 2015
Hahahhah acerbi punched lautaro and wanted a penalty, and VAR was checking :haha:
started watching cause buddy said that roma takes the game at inda, i wanted to see it. that was ridiculous, inda are simply used to get the treatment they want.

kudos to de rossi though, it is a different team. they might still lose it, but hats off, those last ~20 minutes showed a team that i want juventus to be. they have balls, go for the duels, sit deep but instantly go on the counter, simple and effective


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Apr 17, 2019
Minnows taking the game to the heavy favorites and leading, who would've thought? Leverkusen doing the same to Bayern. On any day, the second-best club in Europe 2023 can be beaten if you try.

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