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Jan 31, 2003
We don't need more mids..we have 3 young Italians who care and offer more than the mids who continuously get games. Id rather these young midfielders play than others coming in from abroad.

Some of those chances missed would be gobbled up by the likes of milan inter and napoli. We don't create enough and when we do create we are not clinical enough. Sums us up the past few seasons.

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Dec 31, 2002
The defense can make passes to each other when not pressured there is no doubt about it.
As for our game we faced Sampdoria - a team we should easily beat within the first 30 minutes. Not only we didnt do that, Sampdoria were actually the better side as they created more clear cut chances than us (1-0).
The Rabiot goal was obviously an offside and I didnt need VAR to disallow it as I knew its going to be called off instantly.


Jun 7, 2004
actually we have multiple problem,
are keeper have mental/physical issues.
Our wingbacks are injury prone and we dont have decent back ups .
Our CBs are of extremely low quality .
Our central midfieled is one dimensional with zero creative capabilities, some reason we are avoiding to get a CAM who is fit to start.
Our wingers are ok-ish, but in the end of the day we always rely on Cuadrado for all the creative work.
Our attackers are quite good, but because of the inadequate service/support they cannot perform.


Jul 27, 2015
Even with all the injuries and the debatable choice of players that he started the game with he still had the personnel to play a basic/classic 4-5-1 with everyone in their main positions from the get go which would have been the safest choice given how static and inflexible some of them are but yet somehow he decided to complicate everything with the hybrid 3 at the back when defending/starting transition which changed to a lopsided 4-3-3 when we had the ball that seemed to catch everyone on the wrong foot and unsure of where they are supposed to be on the field or when to actually make a run…

Unnecessary experiment that ended up costing us the points in this one and we will certainly get nowhere by carrying on this way.

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Max needs to come up with more clear ideas and to adapt to the players available to him or otherwise we are in for another rough season.


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Feb 6, 2005

i thought Allegri was attempting the military pincer movement, encircling and enveloping Sampdoria by taking them from behind from both flanks in order to cut off any retreat


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Mar 14, 2006
We played as if the shoes of our players where 10 times the weight of normal shoes.

And we had a non existent midfield. I saw multiple long balls from rugani ffs.

Crazy how we are already missing Di Maria where he played a total of 60 minutes for us?

Al Birdie

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May 19, 2016
You know what, let's loan out all three- Fagioli, Miretti and Rovella, before the idiot in charge squeezes all the fighting spirit out of them. Or, god forbid- teach them the mighty footballing truths like he did with Vlahovic.


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Jun 20, 2018
With Kostic and Vlahovic up front against Sampdoria?

I mean, I get being annoyed, I get being frustrated. But come on...

Vlahovic, Cuadrado, Kostic up front and you think a 1 goal deficit is game over?
I'm amazed how you actually thought this team can actually put 2 goals past Sampdoria without ever conceding another, if we would have gone behind.

Also Sampdoria didn't park the bus all game and if they would have scored the first chance they got we would probably have lost the game.

I like your optimism but this team has a long way to go before they can conquer adversity and players like rabiot Mckennie and locatelli in midfield guarantees that this ain't happening any time soon.
Aug 2, 2005
This game was 48 hours ago..
What a fucking long week after such a shameful performance.

Allegri better get his shit together soon.. with who ever is available.

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