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Aug 29, 2010
Depends really

If wearing shorts, i kinda prefer "skate like" shoes, but not to flashy.

if a bit formal (work/school) i kinda like the kind of shoe that "bikkemberg" introduced. you know, those that look like a footbal shoe without the knots under it. dunno the name. but not the sportive version, the stylish ones, and preferably dark colors.

other occasions, a rather heavy boot, like a short combat, with a bit of metal attacked. dockers used to have those. cant find them anymore these days tho


Nov 26, 2006
These were my most recent purchase:

Still wear heaps of adidas classics (Samba, Spezial, etc.).

Like my desert boots when going a little smarter:

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Seem to be going against the grain here.

Never liked the look of plimsoles or Converses.

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I'll post these again, just so you can all bask in their magnificence:


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