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Dec 6, 2015
I'm sick of the majority of clothing using cheap ass plastic and to top it off all made in fucking china..
Even Gucci shoes for $700 are mostly made from cheap nylon and have recycled material soles..just unbelievable.
I remember when shoes used to be of quality breathable fabric/leather and actual rubber..
I don't know how legit these are but if you have experience on them or if you know of similar companies using better material please let me know thanks.



Sep 23, 2003
As Somali sitisen I find thread this many offensive with micro aggressions i cannot aford waters in bag only sand in camelbak why offend huh?


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wait, retraction if jews and money makers are jew present?
Sandals, broh. How else are you going to insult someone by flinging them at someone's head?


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Aug 22, 2007
I got into Vivo recently and I have to say, they are amazing.
:tup: Looks like mostly stuff for the outdoors but they're nice.

I'm looking for the leather, fancy-pants kind. This is the last one I bought (attached).

Like football boots?

I like Danner and some Redwings.
I thought Americans called football boots, cleats.

I'd rock some of those Danners.

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