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Sep 6, 2014
I think some are overestimating how much the value of a player changes after a good tournament. I’m not doubting that value can go up, but this idea that every good game adds 10m and every bad game subtracts 10 is just lolz. These directors aren’t dumb, they know the sample size isn’t big enough. I’m not sure Locatelli is worth more than 40m, and even that figure is on the high end imo. 30m + a guy like dragusin seems like a very solid offer.

I will say if we’re dumping both Dragusin and Demiral we better be bringing in someone like Milenkovic.


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Jan 31, 2003
Just on gosens...and the left back position in general...surprisingly since allegri has been appointed those rumours or any left back rumours have really gone away. Does he believe sandro can return to form?

In terms of CBs...dragusin was never really in the mix..played minimal so demiral out and milenkovic in makes sense..although I would have preferred someone more high profile knowing we have an injury prone chiellini and decent but expensive sub in bonucci.

I think right now besides the obvious media know what the fuck is going on and who we want.

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To add i predict ronaldo stays on for another season and we lose him on a free next summer. Dybala stays on..doesnt renew and we lose him for free next summer. Ramsey leaves and we end up paying part of his salary somehow.


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May 5, 2004
I guess some time soon, in near future, the club would be capable of nurturing a talented and promising youngster, preparing him and promoting him to the first team and slowly integrating him to occupy a place in the starting 11 like all the other top clubs are doing, but now it seems close to impossible.

So with that being said the next best option is to use those youngsters in deals that would get us an instant upgrades and starters that we so desperately need NOW.

Either loan with options/obligations or permanent sales, whatever works for both teams to make a deal, with only one non-negotiable demand from Juve - inserting a buy-back clause! A Romero situation is a terrible piece of business and makes us look like amateurs, that should be the lesson a top club like ours didn't need to learn the hard way but hey, everyone makes mistakes, let's hope that's like a healthy loss and we never do it again... Oh, wait...

Anyway, fine with sending youngsters away to get more playing time that would never find here and also used as bargaining chips, if some of them actually improves and look ready for a big club then pay the money for the buy-back clause and bring them back...

Give Sass Dragusin and/or Fagioli if they want it in Locatelli deal, use the reported strong interest from Atalanta for Demiral and try to exchange it for Romero, agree to pay a portion of Merihs salary if needed, trick Fiorentina into accepting Rugani and some money for Milenkovic, see if they have some interest in any of our younger players that we don't need or won't use to include in a Vlahovic deal...

In a perfect world try to convince Arthur that he sucks at a top club and would be a star in a Lazio level team, ship him and Berna to Rome in exchange for Sergej, whatever...
While all of them seem doable, but there are certain factor like hate from the president of the other club etc that proven become the stumbling block for the talk to even take places

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What matters is that ronaldo's salary is limiting our options in the market and we need to resolve that asap to make moves
People seem does not aware that we need to sell first before we buying because CR7 takes up the big chuck of wages
So if that is our biggest problem then we need to remove that big problem first, not to keep the problem and adding some little problem in the process

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