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Jun 5, 2020
That would be amazing deal but unfortunately Daily Fail is one of the worst sources in Europe and for reason they got a nickname Fail in favour to Mail.

Keita would be really good in Italian football, and I think he would be good also in all other playing systems of English teams except in Klopps. For me better player than Zakaria.


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Jan 28, 2013
Wait, what? So they are basically offering to pay all his wages, just to have him play elsewhere, avoiding a 5 year extension??
A one year extension. It's already a 4 year extension with wages that scale upwards every year. If he is there on July 1st, its five years long.

Signed in 2021, the extension was a four year extension starting this year that becomes a five year extension if he remained July 1st, basically they thought he would force his way out between the signing of the extension in May 2021 and the present day. 36.5m gross with some tax benefits, he's probably around 18-19m net.


And if he's at PSG July 1st:


And, again to reiterate why this is so important for them: the wages scale upwards year after year. I don't know exact number but I'd assume something like net 20m > 22m > 24m > 26m > and if he's there July 1st 28m for the final year. Maybe more drastic, hard to say. Could go as high as 35m I'd imagine. I think topping out at 28m is far more realistic.

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I'd have to imagine PSG vastly overpaying Mbappe to keep him has led to this more than anything.
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May 25, 2013
Well if it's a year's worth of free Nerman, then obviously we should accept. But he would have to actually want to come here, which I kindof doubt.

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