[Supercoppa Italiana] The Super Duper Inter 2-1 Juventus [January 12th, 2022] (1 Viewer)


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Jan 17, 2011
Po' little lice, the po' little turds,
The China gang crew, the hated boys in black & blue.
Like scabei on the street, they infest the beat,
Fucking my life but I won't admit defeat to them!
Above the law, above the law come now,
No interista will be safe till they are dead and done now.
Let's lay em down low, let's hang em up high,
Let's take all of these piggies, and have them crucified!

Don't ya know that satan is the man?
So listen very close because we got a little plan:
We're gonna have to execute some rich Chinese people,
Gonna burn down all of San Siro and topple all the steeples.
See a frown? turn that cross upside down.
Grab a gun or baseball bat, let's go to fuckin Milan!
Let's kill the merda, I'll be saying little more,
But when the merdi come to your door,
Don't forget the choice is yours!

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