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The Bozman
Oct 18, 2005
Why did Secco pay too much for Melo?
because D'Agostino was plated with gold to have his price bumped up and found no takers

Are you telling me that Mods can't be reported? Mods are untouchables?
no that was Elliot Ness, we are more like omnipotent super-beings

They have certain credability and they are chosen over some time. I don't think there were/are many mods that cause problems.

But Rab is touchable for example. He likes to be touched.
i was touching Rab last night, i hope he does not tell his parents

Is it okay for mods to have intercourse with regular members?
i certainl;y hope so:alen:

I like to bring up the issue of the mod Alen using abusive and insulting language.

Calling regular members "Assholes," is surely wrong.
only if it is unjustified
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