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May 23, 2010
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Player list :

PSN, tuz name, picked team

1 Yasor (yasor17) PSG
2 Marcello-GiganteBarcelona
3 EddieFicio (me) Chelsea FC
4 Klinsmann17 (klin) Napoli
5 OSAMA-J (w00dkaaz) Benfica
6 kenjamin- (Ken)Juventus
7 (Raman)Real Madrid
8 Nepe852i (my brother) Arsenal
9MD_1991 (juvefanatico) Bayern Munich
10 ze-iceman (Icé) Manchester city
12 Bill_Picasso (kasaki) Valencia

The idea is to keep this active and not let it die, I'm thinking we can play 1 or 2 rounds per week(end) so we can advance at a constant pace.


1. Don't be an ass, always treat others with respect. We're here to have fun.
2. 7 minute halves
3. Any control scheme you want.
4. Normal Speed.
5. Home team is responsible for entering the result in the thread.
6. The results should be posted in this thread with this format:
Week and teams in bold
Goal Scorers.
*You can do a little write up, not required.
7. Have fun. Be Active. Play your games.
8. Disconnects will be dealt with by the players best discretion. If it's before the 70th minute, just regame, unless there's a 3 goal difference. Any conflicts will be dealt by me.
9 All matches should be played before the estabilished deadline. Failure to do so will result in a 0-0 draw to be given if both players are MIA, if only one player is MIA the other will get the 3 points but his goal diff will remain the same.

*Optional, but would be cool.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.


-1st place : 700.000 vcash points
-2nd place : 400.000
-3rd place : 200.000
-best offense/best defence : 200.000

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Killed By Death
May 23, 2010
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    Just played a 2-2 draw with Sulligol. :p

    Mine is EddieFicio, will edit the OP with all the PSN's.


    Sep 23, 2003
    How about this instead. I cut my nuts off and mail them to you. Should have about the same results as participating in a videogame circle jerk. :D

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