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May 20, 2015
I'm going to stay at Nice, France from mid June to the end of August. And I plan to go to Turin by train to watch a friendly match of juventus. I wondering how should I buy a ticket since I'm not Italian, and when will the schedule of the summer matches be released? Thank u!

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Dec 27, 2003
You can't buy a ticket, you must be Italian for that.

Funny thing actually, it turns out that the brand new SNCF trains linking Nice to Ventimiglia....are too big to safely enter Italian galleries. So for the time being the French trains stop at Mentone, where passengers are picked up by the eyetie counterparts.

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On another note, Im planning to do a Kora around Amnye Machen next Autumn, Im wondering if you know where I can attend a Tibetan funeral, you know the ones where they drag the mummified dead body in a sitting position with his arms and legs crossed before feeding him to the vultures.

Any idea where I can find that on Amnye Machen?

Are they even Tibetans there?

Maybe I should stick to Kawagarbo like I said I would.

Also, Im not Han Chinese, Im more of a Dai but my village has not been granted minority status yet. Please tell me where to rent a great white yak for my kora, thank you.


Sep 4, 2007
Hello, i hope someone can help me with this

Im planning to be at the Inter-Juve oct 18th, so about seating and tickets, are the seats separated between juve and inter fans or ar there mixed seats for both teams fans to sit together? And how hostile to us is milan as a city?


Nov 26, 2006
No official mixed areas, but there will be Juve fans in the Inter sections, except for the curva.

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Sep 5, 2013
I have a question about the membership renewal. Do you have to send the documents again if my membership expired about 2 years ago or they will just send the package after I pay ?
Dec 27, 2003
Where should i stay in milan? Hostel or a room from airbnb or hotel?
My advice is go see Peppino Sputzenberg aka "Spuzzo", in via Piccolomini. He's a bit erratic at times, don't ever mention Raul Gardini and Carrara marble or he might chop your nose off with a single bite before you can say "Pep". You'll find him at bar Pera, next to the Pollacci brothers' laundry shop, the one with the old man standing at the doorstep (he'll try the usual trick with the token on you, just ignore it : they all use eurokeys now, keep walking while waving at him with your right hand). Enter bar Pera, there's Spuzzo at the counter, wearing his usual beige flanelle tanktop with extra thin straps. They don't make those anymore, nor sell them, I think he bought the entire stock when the Wall fell. The last ante-Nike generation, right there. Walk straight to him, stop, look him in the eyes and pull your earlobe four times while whistling California Blue by Ray Orbison. "Ignoranti quem portum petat nullus suus ventus est" : make sure he hears you say those words. Don't let his looks intimidate you, deep-down he's a real burbero, always ready for a burla, and once you're in his circle of trust he will tell you everything. Everything.


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Sep 7, 2015

we are two belgian juve fans who like to come and see the game against City. we already tried to buy tickets form listicket, but failed. from when it's possible to buy those tickets as non-abonnee? some other tips to buy tickets or plan a trip to turijn?


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Jul 13, 2013


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Oct 1, 2015
Hi Juve fans!

I'm travelling to Europe from Australia in January & will be in town for the Juve vs AS Roma game on the 24/1/2016. I'm coming over with 3 other people & we are looking into the process of getting tickets. We have looked at viagogo & we are fine with paying those prices, being such a huge game. I also know that you can get tickets through the official website, in banks etc.

The problem I have is that I won't be in Italy until the morning of the game, so I need to resort to online methods. I assume the Roma game will be a very popular one, so I would assume i'd struggle with getting 3 tickets in the general online sale? Does the stadium membership card (15 euro) allow me access to the members sale tickets or would I need a premium membership? Would I be even able to purchase 3 tickets in the members sale?

Obviously i'd prefer to only use viagogo as a last resort given how expensive they are, so any advice on the best way to get 3 tickets without being in the country would be much appreciated.

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Sep 7, 2015

travelling from Ecuador for the M'gladbach match. Just waiting until monday when tickets become available on listicket. I think I'll go to tribuna est, but not sure for 1 or 2 anello. Any recommendations?

manchild. Check the ticket section on the official juve website. About 3 weeks before the match you can see when tickets will be available for the general public (non-members). I had the same issue you have right now. You can also click on "preemption purchase" to see the availability (this link sends you to listicket). If I were you, I would first try to get from this site and, ONLY if you don´t find any tickets, then try viagogo or another resale site.

butler6. I was checking availability for juve vs sevilla until one day before the match and you could still find tickets on listicket. You can print tickets at home (at least that's what listicket says. Yes, tried to purchase to just to be sure!)
Dec 27, 2003
Hi all, me and my cousin Padovenustiano Carrambolaro are traveling from Litang through Chongqing, Abdul Derby and Helsinki for the Juventus-Sassuolo game, we're looking for grotesque pears and a seat on terzo anello, will there be any piss balloons?

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Dec 10, 2004
Ciao Daniele,

Here are some answers to your questions:
1) Listicket is the official outlet for tickets, they usually go on sale 2 weeks before the match. Although sometimes 1 week. Follow the Juve website closer to the time and see when they go on sale. Obviously, you will need to wait for general sale if you do not have Juve membership. But make sure you are online the moment they go on sale and be persistent as the website will probably crash.
2) Through listicket select the 'Home Print' option and they will be emailed to you.
3) Up to you, depends on your attitude to risk. One thing to note, the membership card takes some time to arrive (maybe 6 weeks - check Juve website) so need to factor that in. I notice the game is on a Wednesday, my theory is that midweek/late Sunday games are easier to get tickets because people need to travel to the game/back and sometimes not able to as fans come from all over Italy.
4) Any section, although the cheaper sections tend to sell out quicker e.g. Curva Sud.

One thing i would add is that often the kick off time/day for games can move for TV, these are usually announced in advance but I do not think they have announced them for that gameweek.
What seats do they sell on the general sale? All the seats that were not sold to the Tessera crowd or only specific parts of the stadium?


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Jun 25, 2003
Hi all, me and my cousin Padovenustiano Carrambolaro are traveling from Litang through Chongqing, Abdul Derby and Helsinki for the Juventus-Sassuolo game, we're looking for grotesque pears and a seat on terzo anello, will there be any piss balloons?

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Oct 1, 2015
General sale: all seats that weren't sold the Tessera crowd + seats of season ticket holders who decide to sell their seat rather than actually attend the game.
Just to clarify, when you say the "Tessera crowd", does that mean that people who own a TDT card (the 15 euro stadium card) get pre-sale access for tickets?


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Nov 3, 2015
Dear Juventuz Forum members, I have a few questions regarding the AC Milan game on the 21st of november. I am a Dutch guy currently staying in Rivoli (very close to Turin) and would have liked to go to this game with my brother, but realise I might be a bit late to arrange this via the official Juventus ticket channels. I am already here and will be for the coming weeks. My questions are:

1.Is there any way I can still get a ticket via official Juventus channels? So, for instance, getting a ticket via pre-sale, even if I need to get a membership card, or other sales? Or is this too late? I would love to go to the game with him as he is only here for that weekend. If this is possible, can I buy more than one ticket on a certain membership? Or do I need two?

2. If this is not possible, is it not too late for me to obtain a Tessera club card to buy the cheaper tickets on viagogo, or am I too late? For instance, I could get a club card, then order the tickets via viagogo, and let the clubcard be delivered to my temporary Italian address if that will be there in time, or go to the Juve stadium to arrange for it to be on time. Again, is it possible to buy two tickets on viagogo this way with only one Tessera card?

3. I'll have to settle for the non-member viagogo cards for the game if the other two don't apply.

4. Does anyone know the number I can call to ask the Juventus customer service these questions? As I can't seem to connect with the number given on the website.

Thanks in advance for helping me.

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