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U Picciriddu
Jun 16, 2020
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    What are you expecting/hoping to come out from all of this?

    I don't expect anything interesting tbh
    I think that we’re heading to some form of disclosure, unless something happens that really shifts the political agenda (new pandemic or war).

    But the spectrum of disclosure is big aswel, it could be ‘we know there are things that aren’t from earth, and that’s it’, to ‘yes we’ve been back engineering stuff for decades’.

    I think that both the political and scientific attention given to this subject is way too much that it won’t just fade away as being nothing. The ‘controlled disclosure campaign’ is really something else and it’s legislation.


    Sep 23, 2003
    Why bother with the thread? You're second most active poster here. For somebody that doesn't care I see no reason to visit the place.
    I’m partly intrigued by the anthropology of it. Some minds want to be blown. But the same thing that will blow some minds is also the same thing that many would respond with, “So what, Man United is gonna lose this weekend.”


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    Jul 10, 2018
    From what I've read the journalist/ufologist presenting the bodies (Jaime Maussan) has a reputation of being a con man/hoaxer and making wild claims without evidence.

    "Mr Maussan has previously been associated with claims of “alien” discoveries that have later been debunked, including five mummies found in Peru in 2017 that were later shown to be human children."

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