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Feb 21, 2015
Hard to choose between the two, but at this point I rather have a lazy but more talented Rabiot on instead of McKennie.

When Snacks came here it was different. Yeah, mediocre, but he looked hard working and eager to improve, but now he looks completely off and there isn't much left worth starting him for.

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Sep 6, 2014
His body language has been terrible this season. I have noticed he quit social media after he was suspended. Maybe that was just his agents advice, but he just doesn't look happy to me. Its easy to notice a shift with a naturally outgoing person. Sitting him isn't gonna help, we need him one way or the other, either to help the club on the field, or in the market. So for those reasons, I hope he gets another opportunity to establish himself.


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Apr 22, 2003
I think our general cluelessness under Pirlo made Weston look better because he runs around a lot. In a proper system where he needs tactical understanding and discipline he looks completely lost and his running is fruitless.

There's a mental component there too though, so I hope he can find himself again.
Jun 16, 2020
He grew into the game and became more useful when we started attacking more and more.

First half was pretty underwhelming. And I didn’t like his attacking state of mind in the dying minutes when Ramsey gave that freekick away. Would’ve been better is he stayed a bit behind our midfield was exposed when we lost that ball that ultimately became a free kick for Zenit. Small details but it could make the difference between winning or going back home with 1 point.

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