vanilla pudding
Aug 21, 2006
ßöмßäяðîëя;4564980 said:
What up, Chris. You still giving dry hand jobs in the church parking lot too?
Only sometimes, it's off-season right now.
I'm not Dru, used to be big fan, but they completely butchered last couple of seasons, hence why I asked fellow Winchester Bros groupie :D may watch it in extremely bored period and for nostalgia, but not now when they killed it's lustre.
They did, last season was rough but thankfully this season got better. I can't just easily give up on that show though, I have to watch no matter how bad it gets. Even if the story line is lacking, there's still enough handsome to get my approval. :D


Koul Khara!
Aug 30, 2002
It started downhill after Bobby died, but in general persevered after season 6 til 8th (when it got worse). Didn't bother with 9th yet.

But yeah I feel ya, Winchester Bros is hard to give up.

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