Sep 23, 2003
Funny to live in an era where the comedians are somehow the sensible voice for people (Chappelle, Stewart, few others, and this below dude), while the politicians are instead the hapless (for us) comedic clowns.

Be careful what you wish for. You start with Beppe Grillo...

...you wind up with Giorgia Meloni



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Mar 23, 2015
that's probably pretty fast. i think anything above reliable 100mb/s read/write would do

thanks, i'll do some digging. a nas would be better because of convenience and raid backup, but i'm concerned about speed. thunderbolt is certainly faster


May 27, 2007
I got a quite big pay raise plus me and one more guy got to run a vip pilot project. Heavy hits and it's only January. My biggest yet wage that I ever had.

Was really surprised as I didn't expect it. Well, I actually did, but not by such a big %. Although I went hardcore and I almost had no lunch breaks for 8 months, I literally had almost full 8h of effective work per day, I still feel like something is missing. And that's my life outside of work. I hate shifts. It sucks when choices are poor so I'm tied with chains because other jobs just pay shit.

Unfortunately the wage still got sliced drastically due to insane inflation that we had over the past 1.5 year

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