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Jinx Minx
Aug 25, 2006
Me! Angela

I am not very good at languages, but I like to learn some Italian ('cos I love Juve! :jvefan: ). From the other threads, I've picked up: -

La aula = the classroom
La voglia = the will
Non parlare inglese! = Don't speak English!
Ho un freddo! = I have a cold! (hope you get well soon, CH!)

That's what i can remember without looking! there was a verb used that looked like preoccupy, but it seemed to have a different meaning when used in that sentence.
Ho & abiamo = I have & we have (first person singular & plural)
Sono & Siamo = I am & we are (first person singular & plural)

I suck at verbs BTW, which is why I am not good at languages!

Oh, and how do we type the accents? I can do so on Word, but not in the message box.


Sep 23, 2003
Let's see how many people would be interested in following a course in Italian. :cheesy:

It's not something I can organize overnight, but I've been thinking about it and I have an idea about how I would do it. :cool2:

Let me just say that it is a matter of writing course material, so once that is done, it continues to exist and people can use it later on. This is not something that you need to do a schedule. However, it would probably be optimal to have a common stream at least for some, so that they can follow along approximately at the same pace and have the feeling of being in it together.
I thought this was already all available on the MIT OpenCourseWare and Khan Academy web sites. :pado:



Apr 12, 2009
Nice idea, sign me up for it. My school somehow scrappped Italian courses this year and went for all spanish. My Italian can use some grammar improvement


Rab's Husband - The Regista
Aug 27, 2008
I voted in. I'm not sure how I'm going to find the time for this, but I don't want to miss out on the opportunity.


Tickle Me
Oct 11, 2005
I think the idea is that it will be "go on your own". Otherwise it would be quite difficult with all the conflicting time zones.

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