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Jan 24, 2007
Salah is Egyptian and plays in the EPL. His nationality probably has nothing to do with it. Azmoun is a quality player, but he's definitely inferior to Dybala.
100 percent. he's a good player and shoould be brought in cuz he is free and a cheap bench option. better than kean
It all depenss on the longevity of the plan, if it actually does exist, a competent finisher will mask a lot of our flaws while we rebuilding imo we already got loca and hopefully rovella is useful to us next year, if de ligt leaves there are enough much cheaper alternatives, we can use the excess to get LB.
we counting on kulu and berna to create for vlahovic? I'd argue we need a direct winger like chiesa way more than a deadly forvet


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Aug 30, 2002

I cannot believe this to be true, neither Arsenal would offer this, the whole point of Arthur is midfield deficit they have with Afcon.

But if he really said no if this is true......
Zero chance we said no to Partey, nor would Arsenal offer their only top quality CM.

Partey recently played against Man City and treated their whole team like practice cones.

That whole rumour is too stupid for words, him being offered for a dud like Arthur and us saying no.


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Feb 14, 2018
Zaniolo ain't worth signing after his injuries and we ain't signing anyone this month we've seen all this before rumours galore we all keep waiting hoping a midfielder will come and its the same result every January nobody is brought in
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