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Jul 18, 2004
Aston Villa are interested in Rodrigo Bentancur who is transferable for Juventus in January. First bid of Aston Villa is €20M + bonuses. Ready for the midfielder a 4-years contract.(Nico Schira)

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Bentancur is close to joining Aston Villa for €20m + bonus. (Tuttosport)

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Ramsey has rejected the offer of Crystal Palace.He wants to play only for big clubs in epl(GdS)
Don’t see us selling Bentancur, don’t we owe boca 50% of the fee if we sell him?


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Jun 21, 2011
20 million is laughable. Especially if you know that they have more than money enoug. Boca also get s his %. No, at least 35 million. I rather keep Benta instead of Rabiot and Ramsey.
Lol, who is paying 35 million for Bentancur without sniffing a bag of coke first?

Ofc we'd prefer selling Ramsey & Rabiot but they're very hard to move because of their fucked up salaries.


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May 2, 2021
Tuttosport: Vlahovic has refused to join Arsenal. He wants to stay in Serie A. Juventus are preparing an offer worth €60m.

Tuttosport: Bentancur close to joining Aston Villa for €20m. Juventus will use the cash to make an assault on Vlahovic.

La Nazione: Vlahovic will not listen to other offers as he's only waiting for Juventus.


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Jun 12, 2005
Sell Bentancur and take the money. He sucks, the clause sucks and he will never be worth more than that 20m total split between both clubs. One of the dumbest players I’ve seen for Juve and we have had some very dumb players over the years.
I agree. Think we hoped him to become that 60m+ player. Haha. Would be happy to get rid and refresh this squad without that ridiculous 50% thing.
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