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Jul 12, 2011
:rofl: Why do you miss a mediocre striker and an incompetent shitty Accidental Footballer? Your predictions were way off.

You put 3 players for 2 very good starters? :think:
Ruru and Zaza are exemplary footballers. Remember when Zaza was killing it out here and Ruru was bullying mofos in the CL :touched:


Jun 17, 2011
Happy birthday, the same day as Platini.

Was someone born on February 16? :hihi:
Thank you, unfortunately I'm not nearly as skilled :p

So much hope, so much disappointment

I miss Ruru and Zaza
There's still time. Get both on a loan next year, Sturaro assist to Zaza in the CL final over Barcelona. It is written.

Also, poor Mattiello. He looked like he could've been at least a squad player had it not been for those horrible injuries.
Apr 17, 2013
But...but Samuel Eto'o and Chuck Norris?!?
This March 10 was cursed, ben ladden, sepp blatter, a bernardeschi die hard fan, an asshole like etoo, but once again the greatest hero of the free world was there to restore image of this day. Sorry Mister Norris, may this day be blessed to have given birth of the texan jesus.


more than 20 minutes, I totally deserved it.:shutup:

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