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  • Lol, I didn't use ALC as the fall-guy. The beauty of the plan was that it didn't need any. It was supposed to look like a coincidence. And you bought it until ALC gave me up. :P
    You got handled despite whether or not you think losing Sanders hurt you. That's enough to make me happy. :D
    Playing for the sacko shouldn't be meaningless. It should be something that you fear getting. Since you decided to undermine the importance of the consolation bracket, I thought it was only right to punish you by giving you a taste of your own medicine. You playing the "Not my fault you weren't online" when you and ALC traded got countered by "not my fault ALC was online".

    But I'm glad that you'll finally bring your A-game. It's about time, I'd say. :kiss:
    I know he gave me away, I'm quite mad about that. :P Anyway, this was just me rebelling against X allowing people to trade via add/drop after trade deadline. Plus toying with you is good fun. Doesn't matter if I don't gain anything. :D Can'r wait to be commissioner. :weee:
    It's not my fault that ALC just happened to be around when you did the drop. Stop acting foolish.
    haha why do you think it took so long to make the trade?

    lesson learned. sanders seems like a pretty small price to pay :D
    sorry man, i told you a while ago i was gonna try to get him back :P

    oh yeah, never trust voller btw
    right now, mister. you give me the signal and i'll drop your man crush
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