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Apr 2, 2007
He commentates on Serie A and does pronounce it correctly now. TBH I didn't know how to pronounce the 'c' when I first read it, but I knew it wasn't like a hard 'k'. I don't think many English people know about Slavic names that don't end in 'ić ' or 'ski'.
You, or the English people in general, are not expected to know. But a professional commentator should inform himself and know.
Of course, many times it's impossible to make a correct pronunciation. But in this case I don't think it's what happened. If the commentator can say Pizza, he can say Piazza too. It's just that he didn't give a damn back then to inform himself, even though it was a CL knockout match and a Juve player.

And nothing against this guy, but I noticed it with other English commentators too and I found it strange that a professional commentator would make such a mistake.

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Jul 27, 2015
The Croatian Ronaldo @Alin
Tonight was perhaps the closest we will ever be to seeing Ibrahimovic and CR7 playing together in the same team.

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Anyway, my point when i mentioned that example was specifically because you'll never see me promoting Pjaca by saying he was called the young CR7 by primavera coaches though as that's not how i judge a player. just putting it into context :D :tup:
Jun 7, 2003
he can be the 4th winger backup and give him minutes here and there to regain his confidence. he played 1400 minutes this year and only scored 3 goals 2 assists. More than bernardeschi anyway
That would be nice. Those 2 cruciate ligament injuries during a period of two years (2017-2019) destroyed him badly also from a mental point of view.

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