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  • all the work for those smileys...i think you
    should get something in reward...guess you like your avatar how it is,
    but if you want some crazy stuff - let me know it :tup:
    ...the smiley still doesn’t work :klin:

    sorry in case i piss you off. :snoop:
    blame mark then, he said i should ask you :D
    are you the it-expert here or what :boh:

    normal tuz smiley, last one in the list...that sarcasm detector ;)

    :lol: fuck her. really, what a bitch. :sergio:
    tell her if she would look better she would have gotten more votes :tup:
    hey there,
    mark said you could do something bout
    the smiley i uploaded -
    it won’t work. :boh:

    btw. how was the voting result?
    Well, of course it's hard. It should be. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't leave. :D
    It's higher rated than The New World on IMDb and only slightly lower on Metacritic. Point: Numbers mean shit, it's the words behind the reviews that matter. It's a controversial film and it obviously divides people, but I don't see why that's a bad thing. IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, YOU CAN BAN ME FOR THE REST OF TIME. OK DULE OK? NOW YO U HAPPY DULE?
    I was kind of trying to avoid reading your post, but now that I read it I guess it wasn't THAT bad. :P But still, it's stuff that they haven't announced - and might not announce at all. I mean, I didn't know that they were searching for Luke. A spoiler indicating new information is the only sensible thing to do. :P
    Don't! Bale kind of ruined the ending. Or, well, he didn't say what it ended with, but he did reveal the tone of the ending.
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