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  • I'm actually in shock Jem, as are the rest of us obviously. So unexpected and earth shattering this day has been. Can't imagine how the club can pick up the pieces this Summer at least.
    :lol: masterful

    No word from Nzoric today. Wonder what he makes of all this. I gotta tell you man, if these Vidal rumours are true, my Marotta support will subside something fierce, I cannot lie.
    Keyser, as in Keyser Soze :D He had a bit of a limp when I first found him, which gradually dissipated when I began to play with him in the garden
    still trying to see if I can track down his owners (unlikely as that may be), but also looking to re-home as I'm working 5-6 days a week and it's unfair to leave him alone so much. that said if neither scenarios work out then I'll definitely keep him and look after him. he's got a lovely nature about him, won't leave my side if he can help it. I guess the fact that I've named him now as well means there's a big part of me that wants to keep him
    In the midst of all the sadness and depression, thought I'd share a pic of the dog I adopted recently :)

    Well to say you're missed around here is an understatement bro, but I completely understand. Hope you've a good Summer and don't forget to come up and breath mane, too much stress will ruin you :D

    I've adopted a stray dog temporarily btw, just thought I'd let you know.

    Talk soon chief :)
    I have never understand why people like to watch epl anyway. I always fall a sleep watching epl
    Yes i remembered that story

    my life is cool i am kinda busy, working, friends etc.
    Do you work? what you doing?

    how you doing and aren't you from oslo? and something with a dope juve club over their
    Holding up way better than people here it seems. Not so worried about today's game at all. I'm sure it will be fucking awful to watch (we will probably just let Bayern come), but I'm sure I will get to laugh at you all after the game. :P
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